Passwords provide the first line of defence against unauthorized access to your digital devices and personal information. In general, people don’t realize the numerous ways and common techniques used to crack passwords and plenty more ways of leaving  personal accounts vulnerable due to simple and widely used passwords. Password managers or apps don’t just store passwords but also help in generating strong and unique passwords. Thus, one using a password manager/app has the guarantee of safety for passwords, readily available for use and locked by one master key known only by the user.

The benefits of password managers/apps

A Google survey recently provided that 65% of people generally use same passwords across several web sites, of which, 59% admit to do it, bearing in mind the dangers and risks of this careless behaviour. As such, Microsoft revealed that 44 million of accounts were vulnerable to account takeover due to compromised or stolen passwords.

As previously mentioned, using a password manager/app is the easiest way to keep your personal and private information safe. In fact, there are multiple reasons you should be using a password manager:

The master password

A password manager stores all of your passwords in a single account with the master password as main access key. This password is the only password you’ll ever need to remember keeping the others safe and available at all times. With advances in technology, especially on smartphones, one can also implement a fingerprint or “FaceId” as supplementary defence to access the password manager.

Multiple passwords storage

Several passwords can be created and stored on password managers/apps. These include social media platforms, websites, work-related platforms access, among others. The user can then simply access these, copy the passwords and paste them where they fit, saving the struggle to remember each and every password for each site.

Complex and encrypted passwords

Password managers can generate passwords on your behalf, saving you the struggle to create them on your own, wondering if they are tough enough and if you have used the right combination of characters. There are absolutely no risks of having a generated password based on your personal information and are not easily hackable; they are very long, random and complex. They also tend to use combinations of numbers, letters and characters that only a computer could come up with, with the extra feature where a user can indicate specific requirements to be implemented in the password.

Share passwords securely

A password manager allows a user to share password securely to joint accounts and other bodies (co-workers, family, etc…) if required and authorized. As such, the user has total control and is the only one with the power to grant access to his/her passwords.

Multiple device access

Password managers/apps have the feature to work on several devices, while keeping any personal information secure at all times. If at any time, the user decides to change a password from one device, it is automatically updated and store on all the other devices as well within the matter of a few seconds.

Why choose Lifekees as password manager?

Lifekees, a product developed by Cykra Ltd, is a password manager/app readily available which has built its reputation for being one of the most advanced and secure in its product line. Being a seamless military grade encrypted application, there are absolutely no chance of having personal information or password leakages. Access to any information or passwords can be granted even if the user is offline and even if, in a worst case scenario, where the user loses their phone, all the information that has been added to the application can be found on the cloud for backup. Lifekees will also synchronise all devices, whereby if any changes are made to information or passwords, you have the guarantee that changes will be implemented accordingly, whether on phones or other devices. The application is free for download on any operator system (IOS or Google store) and comes with a unique promotion of premium membership of USD 9.99 instead of USD 19.99, where users get an unlimited password storage on all devices. Where some password manager apps may be cheaper, this one time purchase solves password worries for good with no subscription required and no complicated payment plans.

Lifekees Password Manager


Password managers are safe and safer than not using them. They encourage users to practice good security hygiene with every password being unique, long and complex. They are trustworthy and highly-recommended tools. As such, Lifekees has been created, having the security and online well-being of individuals as main goals and objectives. If you are looking for a simple but robust solution for your password problems, then Lifekees is definitely the solution.